EMA is a discreet but stylish disposable hygienic bag intended to assist people managing, working or living with chronic or acute illness. Anywhere symptoms  might strike, EMA can be there to help.

EMA is built to the highest medical standards for durability and reliability. Designed for discreet personal use, EMA meets or exceeds requirements for use in U.S. hospitals and clinics. 



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How can ema Help?

Perfect for patients, parents, and professionals, EMA delivers confidence and dignity during all of life’s messy moments.  

Life and travel are not always clean. Loved ones often suffer from symptoms related to motion sickness, morning sickness or gastrointestinal disorders that can make even routine travel worrisome. When the worse happens, it means not only personal embarrassment but also time consuming clean-up. EMA is designed to prevent both the anxiety and the mess by delivering a convenient, reliable solution for all travel illness. 


Trust EMA, LLC. is a family owned start-up on a mission to see the end of debilitating illnesses. We believe that all people deserve the right to explore and enjoy our world without the anxiety of chronic symptoms.

Our bags fit easily into your purse, diaper bag, CAR or other go-to location!


Available in packages of 5 for personal use.
Need more than our standard package? Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get EMA to you