EMA’s story

Courage and Hope

EMA’s story starts with courage, hope and a young woman aptly named Emma.  A high-achieving athletic and academic talent, Emma’s career as a US Navy Officer was derailed after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and medically retired in 2009. Emma fought the disease with everything she could  – diet, drugs, and even experimental treatments. Despite her tenacity, her condition deteriorated rapidly and left her feeling trapped in her own home, forced to starve herself to avoid humiliating accidents while grocery shopping, getting a haircut or running routine errands.

With little success fighting her disease, Emma chose instead to embrace it. She dedicated her life to encouraging and empowering others suffering from Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD) with knowledge, humor and hope. Her relentless courage to experiment on herself, share her discoveries with others and consume every piece of literature available on IBD has made her a powerful patient advocate and subject matter expert. A mother of two healthy children despite being told that pregnancy was unwise and unlikely, Emma is a living inspiration to all those seeking hope.

Emma is a bright, shining light of joy within our family. Trust EMA LLC. is rooted in her strength and inspired by her journey. Never again will EMA let anyone suffer the fear, shame and humiliation that Emma felt so early in her fight with chronic illness. You are loved greatly, Emma…  

JIHI’s Story

Comfort, Confidence and Dignity


Jihi’s story starts with the belief that all people have the right to travel freely and with dignity. For those who suffer from chronic symptoms related to motion, anxiety, acute illness or intense medical treatments, travel can become more of a challenge than a joy. Whether a routine trip to the grocery store or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, many are unable to enjoy peace of mind or comfort during personal travel. Jihi knows the sacrifice and courage it takes to travel when suffering these symptoms because she lives it!

Jihi spent seven years serving as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer. Her duties required her to frequently travel internationally, seeing five of the seven continents in the world over the course of her career. A dedicated public servant, Jihi also suffered from acute motion sickness and generalized anxiety disorder. This combination of illnesses taxed her physically, mentally and emotionally each time she was called upon to travel. The lack of an effective product to meet Jihi’s travel needs meant nausea, fear of public embarrassment, and personal recovery time were commonplace in her professional life.

As a mother, Jihi’s need for a viable solution became exponentially more important. Morning sickness, child illness, soiled clothing and diapers complicated her already difficult chronic illness. Thus, EMA was born – a subtle and reliable plastic bag built to bring confidence and grace back to travel for Jihi and her family.

Our Story 

A Family Mission

Trust Ema LLC. is a family-owned company dedicated to bringing joy back to travel for all people. Our family has prevailed through cancer, IBD, anxiety disorders and severe motion sickness. We have come to appreciate life and our world in a way that many healthy travelers will never understand. With so much yet to see and explore, we wanted to devise a solution that liberated chronic patients from the fears that often tie us down. We believe that EMA is that solution. She is our trusted companion on this one-way trip through life.

Since developing EMA in late 2016, the support and praise from the wellness community has been astounding. EMA has brought joy to parents, patients, children and adults alike. We love seeing EMA fight and win against fear, shame and anxiety! We are so happy you have chosen to join us on this journey.

As part of our commitment to liberating people from debilitating symptoms, Trust Ema LLC. commits 10% of all sales to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America!