Due to my unpredictable IBD, I would literally drive around with a homemade toilet made of paper and plastic grocery bags. It wasn’t glamorous but it gave me some security. When I was introduced to EMA, I was amazed because not only was it stylish, it was so compact that it could fit anywhere! It gave me instant comfort and peace of mind. With a chronic illness, a toddler, and a baby on the way, EMA quickly became a staple in my life. I finally had some control in a world where so much seemed out of my control. I would recommend EMA to anyone; moms, professionals and especially those suffering from anxiety due to an uncontrollable medical condition. EMA has changed my life.

Emma, Washington

After years of dealing with nausea from motion sickness, anxiety and morning sickness, I finally found comfort by adding EMA to my personal arsenal alongside mints and ginger chews. With EMA at my side, no matter how I am feeling I find the confidence to go out and move forward with my day. I cannot count the number of times that EMA has come in handy, not only for nausea, but other messes I inevitably encounter as an active mom. Not to mention the number of people I have spoken with and thought to myself, “EMA can help you with that!” 

Jihi, Florida 

One of our daughters often gets an upset stomach on flights or long road trips.  We stash a few EMA bags in our carry-on luggage and cars whenever we travel so we know we have a quick and easy solution within arm’s reach whenever life gets a little messy.  Having EMA bags handy has helped our family keep messes to a minimum and travel with confidence. 

The Anderson Family, Arizona